Poetry Mega Bundle (Poem of the Week, Poetry Writing, & Poetry Mats)
Poetry Mega Bundle (Poem of the Week, Poetry Writing, & Poetry Mats)
Poetry Mega Bundle (Poem of the Week, Poetry Writing, & Poetry Mats)
Poetry Mega Bundle (Poem of the Week, Poetry Writing, & Poetry Mats)

Poetry Mega Bundle (Poem of the Week, Poetry Writing, & Poetry Mats)

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With the Poetry Mega BUNDLE, you gain a TON of quality poetry resources and engaging poems for primary to last all year. Teach a poem of the week and gain MANY differentiated activities to build literacy skills and reading fluency. Teach a poetry writing unit with the right tools to make planning simple and teaching a breeze.

Buy the POETRY MEGA BUNDLE and SAVE 50%. This BUNDLE includes 3 HUGE poetry resources (Poetry Mats, Poem of the Week bundle, and Poetry Writing unit.

See the PREVIEW for a CLOSE UP of what is included in this MASSIVE BUNDLE

The POETRY MEGA BUNDLE includes...

**see included items and previews below**

1. Poem of the Week Bundle

This Poem of the Week BUNDLE is a collection of my 4 poem of the week resources. That's a total of 65 original poems and 20 nursery rhymes. Each poem and nursery rhyme comes with 6 differentiated activities!

What is included?
*Poem of the Week or Month Banner (to hang above your poetry board or pocket chart)
*A copy of each of the 65 poems & 20 nursery rhymes
*6 differentiated activities for each poem & nursery rhyme
*sentence strips of each poem and rhyme for your pocket chart

Poem Activities
*writing paper to copy the poem at a poetry center
*sentence strips of the poem to cut & paste onto a separate sheet
*poem with fill in the blanks
*fill in the blanks + tasks with sight words, rhyming words, etc.
*lots of places to illustrate the meaning of the poems
*complete the parts of the poem

2. Poetry Mats

What is included?
A poem is included on each mat, as well as 3-4 activities to build a ton of skills.

There are 4 different mats included for each poem!
#1 - Student reads the poem and completes 4 activities, including answering questions and illustrating the poem.
#2 - Student reads the poem and completes 4 activities, including letterboxes, connecting, and sequencing.
#3 - Student reads the poem and completes 4 activities, including filling in missing words and completing parts.
#4 - Student reads the poem and completes 3 activities, including rewriting the poem and completing a series of tasks.

Skills covered in Poetry Mats!
*Repeated reading
*Making connections
*Illustrating meaning
*Close reading
*Answering comprehension questions
*Finding rhyming words
*Grammar & parts of speech
*Using context clues
*Sentence structure
& so much more!

3. Poetry Writing Unit

What is included?
The Poetry Writing unit includes 160 pages of poetry writing activities to teach how to write 13 different types of poetry.

There are posters for each poetry types with examples and half page posters for poetry terms.

This unit includes planning sheets and many poetry writing templates for each type of poetry.

*Poetry Banner (to hang above your poetry board)
*Poetry Posters with Definitions & Examples
*Poetry Vocabulary Cards with Definitions & some examples
*Many Poetry Idea Creation Pages for Younger & Older Students
*Many Student Practice Pages for Younger & Older Students
*4-8 Poetry Templates per type (71 in total)
*Poetry Notebook cover (use as a cover & pick and chose pages to make a notebook)
*Poetry Notebook (with all 13 types of poetry included)

Types of Poems Included:
Shape poetry
5 Senses poetry
Acrostic poetry
Color poetry
Alphabet poetry
Cinquain poetry
Diamante poetry
Limerick poetry
Free Verse poetry
Rhyming Couplets poetry
List poetry
Autobiographical (Bio) poetry
Haiku poetry

**Additional pages are provided for Canadian users which include Canadian spelling and content if necessary. Extra pages included with Canadian content, if applicable.

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