Fall Writing Center Prompts, Activities, Posters - Thanksgiving, Family
Fall Writing Center Prompts, Activities, Posters - Thanksgiving, Family
Fall Writing Center Prompts, Activities, Posters - Thanksgiving, Family
Fall Writing Center Prompts, Activities, Posters - Thanksgiving, Family
Fall Writing Center Prompts, Activities, Posters - Thanksgiving, Family
Fall Writing Center Prompts, Activities, Posters - Thanksgiving, Family

Fall Writing Center Prompts, Activities, Posters - Thanksgiving, Family

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Save time with this Fall Writing Center resource for November that includes everything you’ll need to get your students ready and excited about writing during the fall in the classroom. Engage ALL kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students (even the reluctant ones) with fun activities, tons of choice, and encourage creativity with the monthly themes (Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving food, family, leaves, and community helpers).

Create a writing center bulletin board or designated area in the classroom with writing vocabulary, fun prompts, and grab-and-go activities that promote independence for your little writers.

⭐The print-and-go, easy-to-prep writing activities save you time, so you can focus on teaching.

⭐Encourage your students to be creative and think outside the box by offering a variety of meaningful themed activities that they can choose for the month!

⭐Children will love sharing their creativity as they create stories, lists, cards and more writing pieces in a writing center that will surely be a classroom favorite!

Included in this October Writing Center Resource:

*Check out the PREVIEW for an up-close look at all this MUST HAVE RESOURCE includes!

  • 5 themed writing centers ( Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving food, family, leaves, and community helpers).
  • Vocabulary posters, cards, & lists (different sizes & color printing options), headers, and bulletin board letters will make setting up your writing center a breeze!
  • 4 enticing writing activities: Bingo, Spinners, “Write About It” Scenes, & Rip-Off Story Ideas that can be completed alone or with a partner!
  • With over 40 writing prompts to choose from with topics from each theme that will give your little learners tons of options and choices.
  • Sentence starter lists to help spark creativity!
  • Writing templates and booklets for various writing styles offer plenty of options.
  • Differentiated activities that allow you to accommodate all levels of writers!

Vocabulary Posters

The vocabulary words for the month are provided to you in different ways, making it simple for students to use to support their learning. There are posters for hanging, small cards to hang on a ring, or bookmark lists that can fit perfectly into a book bin.

Writing Prompts & Sentence Starters

The themed writing prompts and sentence starter lists give students fun ideas for their writing. There are prompts for each monthly theme, as well as sentence starters. They can be glued into a notebook, hung on a ring, or used on the prompt activity that provides your students with a writer’s checklist.

Writing Templates

There are many writing templates to choose from for each theme. Students can have the option to choose which writing template they’d like to complete or provide them with different choices based on what they are learning. There are many fun options to place in your writing center!

4 Writing Activities

The writing activities give students fun, differentiated ways to practice their writing. Students can use them independently or with a partner. Each activity is included for each monthly theme.

  1. Bingo with a variety of writing ideas for each theme
  2. Story Idea Rip-Off sheets for each theme
  3. Two Different Spinners with writing ideas or pictures
  4. Write About It picture prompts

Suggestions on how to use:

✔️Create a monthly themed writing center in your classroom as a bulletin board, on a pocket chart, or on something moveable, like a tri-fold poster.

✔️Print and laminate the themed posters and hang them for students to use. They can be changed throughout the month or used all at once to offer various writing topics.

✔️Pick and choose which themed templates you’d like to use based on the topic you are learning about in class.

✔️Print the writing activities for your students to practice writing in a fun way with a partner or independently.

✔️Activities in this resource offer differentiated options that will help you meet a variety of needs



Looking for more writing quick, effective activities and prompts? Check out our All-In-One Writing Center for K-2 that includes writing examples, “I Can” posters to keep kids on track, a huge variety of writing prompts, and more. Use the All-In-One Writing Center with the themed writing centers for a complete writing center for the entire school year!

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Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS):


w.k.1 - I can dictate, draw, and write my opinion

w.k.2 - I can dictate, draw, and write to explain

w.k.3 - I can dictate, draw, and write to tell a story

w.k.5 - I can add details to my writing

w.k.6 - I can publish my writing

w.k.7 - I can help my class research and write

First Grade

w.1.1 - I can write about what I think and tell why I think that

w.1.2 - I can write about a real topic including some facts

w.1.3 - I can write and use words that show order

w.1.5 - I can use suggestions to add details to my writing

w.1.6 - I can use technology to help me write a story

w.1.7 - I can write a book with my classmates

Second Grade

w.2.1 - I can write an opinion piece

w.2.2 - I can write an informative or explanatory text that focuses on a topic

w.2.3 - I can write a narrative and use temporal words to show an order of events

w.2.5 - I can revise and edit my writing with guidance and support

w.2.6 - I can use technology to publish my writing

w.2.7 - I can participate in shared research and writing projects

w.2.8 - I can recall information or gather information from sources to answer questions

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