Classroom Daily Schedule - EDITABLE Visual Schedule Cards & Student Checklist
Classroom Daily Schedule - EDITABLE Visual Schedule Cards & Student Checklist
Classroom Daily Schedule - EDITABLE Visual Schedule Cards & Student Checklist
Classroom Daily Schedule - EDITABLE Visual Schedule Cards & Student Checklist

Classroom Daily Schedule - EDITABLE Visual Schedule Cards & Student Checklist

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Using these editable class visual schedule cards with pictures and schedule templates, you can bring order and clarity to your classroom and help students familiarize themselves with the daily schedule. Your students can learn to identify the time on the clock for certain parts of your day and manage their schedule independently using the student-friendly schedule checklist.

⭐️Perfect for helping students understand their daily routines, these customizable cards make transitions smoother and reduce anxiety. Create a structured, calm environment where every student knows what to expect and can thrive!

⭐️This resource is a great way to simplify your schedule in your classroom management system. The included cards allow your students to quickly identify where they are in their day and learn how to tell what part of the day is coming next so they can be prepared.

⭐️The best part? This resource saves you time as all the schedule cards are ready to just print and go! Create a space for your classroom schedule so your students can quickly refer to it and identify what they should be doing or what materials they may need to take out based on the schedule.

What you get in this classroom schedule resource:

  • 60 EDITABLE classroom schedule cards (in color and black & white)
  • Editable student checklist
  • Finished cards to mark completed tasks
  • Clock cards to set times
  • Bulletin board letters for setting up your schedule area
  • Various poster & header options

Take a look at the 60 EDITABLE Schedule Cards Included:

  1. Computers
  2. Dismissal
  3. Guided Reading
  4. Journal
  5. P.E.
  6. Music
  7. Morning Work
  8. Read Aloud
  9. Library
  10. Lunch
  11. Math Centers
  12. Morning Meeting
  13. Assembly
  14. Washroom
  15. Calendar
  16. Centers
  17. Phonics
  18. Science
  19. Snack
  20. Social Studies
  21. Writing
  22. Arrival
  23. Daily Five
  24. Math
  25. Art
  26. Ipads
  27. Reading
  28. Rest Time
  29. Drawing
  30. Math Games
  31. Free Play
  32. Clean Up
  33. Spelling
  34. Field Trip
  35. Pledge
  36. Writer’s Workshop
  37. Carpet Time
  38. Morning Message
  39. Shared Reading
  40. Buddies

41. Brain Break

42. Sharing

43. Line Up

44. Outside Play

45. Partner Work

46. D.E.A.R.

47. Language Arts

48. Printing Practice

49. Reader’s Workshop

50. Star Student

51. Word Work

52. Literacy Centers

53. Theme

54. Special

55. Reward

56. Drama

57. Test

58. Quiet Time

59. Small Groups

60. Recess

Check out the preview for a closer look at what this resource provides: cards, checklists, clocks, and more!

✏️ Creative Ways to Use These Classroom Schedule Cards

  • Use schedule cards to assign and rotate daily classroom jobs, helping students know their responsibilities and promoting teamwork.
  • Pair schedule cards with visual timers to help students manage transitions smoothly and independently between activities.
  • Display the day's schedule during morning meetings to set clear expectations and provide a visual roadmap for the day.
  • Allow students to pick and arrange the schedule cards for special "Student-Led Days," giving them ownership of the classroom routine.
  • Use schedule cards to visually indicate breaks or quiet times for students who need help self-regulating, providing structure and support.

❤️Why You Need this Resource:

  • This class schedule resource has everything you’d need to give your students a visual schedule you can update daily.
  • These class schedule cards are a great classroom management tool, as they help students know what to do throughout the day.
  • This resource gives you everything you need to set up a schedule that fits your day and allows you to change it as needed.
  • The schedule cards require minimal prep and can be printed and used immediately.
  • There are options to provide your students with an individual schedule to help them stay focused & on track.
  • Finished cards are included, which are great to show students which parts of your day are complete.
  • Use the included posters & headers to set up a special class schedule area.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Linda H. says, "This met my needs exactly. The students love having the visual cues as to what our schedule is and what comes next and what we have already done."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Violet B. says, "These are great. My K students are already able to figure out the schedule each day."

⭐️ Grab the bundle & SAVE ⭐️

♥♥The classroom management BUNDLE is available for a DISCOUNT. Get a year’s worth of classroom management resources to make your yearly planning a breeze! ♥♥


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Such an incredible resource that saved me a lot of time and was wonderful to use with my students! -Erika M.