Summer Poetry Activities
Summer Poetry Activities
Summer Poetry Activities
Summer Poetry Activities
Summer Poetry Activities
Summer Poetry Activities
Summer Poetry Activities

Poetry Mats ~ 5 different poems and activities for June. Teach a poem of the week each week using these versatile differentiated Poetry Mats to build literacy skills and reading fluency. The printable poems and practice activities make the perfect companions for your June (spring, summer, end of school) lesson plans!

June's 5 original poems are:
1. Dinosaur Romp
2. School's Over
3. Beach Exploring
4. Swimming in the Sea
5. My Watch


  1. PDF - Just open the PDF file and print!
  2. GOOGLE SLIDES - Assign each page in Google Slides, which includes interactive activities.
  3. SEESAW - Add an activity to Seesaw with the included images!

What is included in Poetry Mats!

  • A full page copy of each poem is included for poetry notebooks, etc.
  • A poem is included on each mat, as well as 3-4 activities to build a ton of skills.

There are 4 different mats included for each poem!

#1 - Student reads the poem and completes 4 activities, including answering questions and illustrating the poem.

#2 - Student reads the poem and completes 4 activities, including letterboxes, connecting, and sequencing.

#3 - Student reads the poem and completes 4 activities, including filling in missing words and completing parts.

#4 - Student reads the poem and completes 3 activities, including rewriting the poem and completing a series of tasks.

*Additional pages are provided for Canadian users which include Canadian spelling and content if necessary. Extra pages included with Canadian content, if applicable.

Look at the PREVIEW for a breakdown of what Poetry Mats look like and how they can be used. The video preview shows examples of other Poetry Mats in action.

A Poetry Mats BUNDLE is available at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT you won't want to miss!

Skills covered in Poetry Mats!

  • Repeated reading
  • Making connections
  • Illustrating meaning
  • Writing
  • Sequencing
  • Close reading
  • Answering comprehension questions
  • Finding rhyming words
  • Grammar & parts of speech
  • Phonics
  • Using context clues
  • Sentence structure
  • & so much more!

5 Reasons Why YOU NEED Poetry Mats!

  1. Poetry mats are perfect for independent practice of the poem of the week and help build beginning reading skills and fluency.
  2. Poetry Mats are differentiated to meet the needs of your learners. With the different variations, there is something for all.
  3. The original poems are related to seasons, connected to holidays and celebrations, and are about topics kids can relate to.
  4. Each poem can be taught whole class and then practiced in small groups, independently, or as a center activity.
  5. Poetry Mats help build reading confidence and kids love them!

Interested in learning more about teaching poetry in primary? Join the FREE poetry e-course HERE!

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