End of the School Year Social-Emotional Learning Activities & Memory Book for K-2
End of the School Year Social-Emotional Learning Activities & Memory Book for K-2
End of the School Year Social-Emotional Learning Activities & Memory Book for K-2
End of the School Year Social-Emotional Learning Activities & Memory Book for K-2
End of the School Year Social-Emotional Learning Activities & Memory Book for K-2
End of the School Year Social-Emotional Learning Activities & Memory Book for K-2

End of the School Year Social-Emotional Learning Activities & Memory Book for K-2

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This end of the year social emotional learning resource is the perfect companion to your last few weeks of school lesson plans. It includes mini-lesson ideas and engaging activities that reflect on the connections made in the classroom and introduce a discussion about how they’ve used important social and emotional skills throughout the year.

The mind+heart SEL end of the year resource and activities will encourage discussions amongst your kids about kindness, memories they’ve had throughout the year, friendships they’ve built, and goals that they have for their future.

Why end the year with social-emotional learning?

The end of the school year is such an important time to reflect on the social and emotional skills that were used throughout the year. Reflecting on these skills helps end the year on a positive note. Kids will leave the classroom feeling like an important part of the classroom community and feel better prepared to handle the challenges that they may face as they approach a new grade.

What is the scope and sequence?

It includes 4 weeks of SEL lessons and activities in 4 themes for the end of school. There are 2-7 lessons and activities for each theme.

Week 1: reflecting on our year

Week 2: my memories

Week 3: looking forward  

Week 4: friendships (party week)

I suggest teaching one lesson/activity per day. They can be easily integrated into your morning meeting, read-aloud time, writing block, or during brain breaks and transitions. This resource was made with the K-2 classroom teacher in mind but would work well with any childhood educator or school counselors working with groups of children. 

What does the mind+heart End of the Year SEL resource include? 

Look at the PREVIEW for a look at this SEL resource up close and the variety of lessons and activities included!

The mind+heart SEL end of the year resource includes a variety of thought-provoking discussion topics, community-building ideas, and engaging activities to help reflect on important social and emotional skills that were used throughout the year, and provoke discussions amongst your kids. Children will have many opportunities to reflect, discuss, and develop future goals through a variety of activities as they end the school year. 

Theme #1: reflecting on our year

End the year by discussing classroom community with these lessons and activities. They encourage students to identify how they have respected one another, formed connections, and learned to show appreciation for others and their differences.

Lessons & Activities: 

  • Our great school year writing
  • “Last Day Blues” book & graphing activity
  • Quote posters
  • Last day comparison book & activity
  • Classroom scavenger hunt
  • Kindness board game
  • Things I learned writing

Theme #2: My Memories

Reflect on memories throughout the year by discussing favorites, accomplishments and stories.

Lessons & Activities: 

  • Memory book - digital & print
  • Memory jar activity
  • Memory bag project

Theme #3: Looking forward

Begin to set goals that are attainable and realistic for the future months and upcoming school year. Reflect on past accomplishments and how that can help drive you forward.

Lessons & Activities:

  • “I Wish You Happiness” book & writing activity
  • Scenario cards
  • Letter to new students
  • Kindness challenge
  • Summer journal
  • Summer bucket list craftivity
  • "We grow when we glow" anchor chart & writing activity

Theme #4: Friendships

Reflect on the friendships that were built and how to maintain them throughout the summer and into the next grade.

Lessons & Activities:

  • Paperchain countdown activities & special day cards
  • Kindness craft-activity
  • Summer bingo
  • Goodbye stars
  • Student award crowns
  • Hello summer banner and student pennant

DIGITAL ACTIVITIES INCLUDED: Many of the activities from the printable version have been created in a digital version. These are ready in Google Slides for use in Google Classroom. The digital pages are great for use during remote teaching, distance learning, and in a one-to-one classroom!

Notes for Teachers: 

Teachers are provided with a scope and sequence, topic layout, photos in action, and detailed instructions for teaching and using the activities and materials. 

Is this resource included in the mind+heart K-2 curriculum?
This resource is NOT included in the curriculum. This resource takes a different structure and is meant to end on school year on a high note with SEL.

♥♥The mind+heart Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for K-2 is an SEL curriculum for the whole year and is available for a SPECIAL DISCOUNT. Get your entire year’s worth of lessons (40 included) and activities to help young children to develop emotional literacy, self-control, and social competence TODAY! ♥♥

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