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Responsibility, Leadership, & Decision Making - 3-5 Social Emotional Learning - Proud to be Primary
Responsibility, Leadership, & Decision Making - 3-5 Social Emotional Learning - Proud to be Primary
Responsibility, Leadership, & Decision Making - 3-5 Social Emotional Learning - Proud to be Primary
Responsibility, Leadership, & Decision Making - 3-5 Social Emotional Learning

    Responsibility, Leadership, & Decision Making - 3-5 Social Emotional Learning

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    This responsibility SEL curriculum includes 5 detailed lessons filled with hands-on and mindful activities that teach older kids about what responsibility means, ways to be responsible, what leadership is, ways to be a leader, and responsible decision making.

    The lessons and activities work great for morning classroom meetings or daily lessons, school counselors and classroom teachers, and kids in grades 3-5.

    See the PREVIEW for more details and pictures of what this comprehensive resource has to offer!

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    What does this Responsibility unit cover?

    Through a variety of thought-provoking lessons, discussions, community building ideas, and tons of engaging activities…

    Lesson 1: What is Responsibility?

    ★Kids will understand what responsibility means by them lots of giving examples. They will learn to describe a responsible person and the behaviors they possess.

    Lesson 2: Being Responsible

    ★Kids will learn to describe ways to be responsible and ways that they are responsible in their own lives. They will understand what it means to take responsibility for their actions. Make a plan to be responsible in the future.

    Lesson 3: What is Leadership?

    ★Kids will learn to understand what leadership is and describe what makes a good leader. They will define a leader in terms of positive traits.

    Lesson 4: Leadership in Action

    ★Kids will learn to describe and demonstrate ways that they can be a leader. They will take action to be a leader and show leadership skills daily.

    Lesson 5: Decision Making

    ★Kids will learn to describe what decision making is and how to make thoughtful decisions (with a clear understanding of choices and consequences). They will describe and use the STAR decision making model.

    Activities included in the Responsibility unit:
    Look at the PREVIEW for a look at this SEL unit up close and the variety of lessons and activities included!

    *Discussion Starters cards
    *Lesson Challenge Task Cards
    *Anchor chart pieces & examples
    *Reflection Journal
    *Linked videos to support lessons
    *Scoot game
    *Scenario task cards
    *Lots of sorts
    *Mantra quote posters
    *Tons of writing activities
    *Mentor text connection & writing template
    *Kid President video project
    *Leadership survey
    *Job application & "you're hired" cards
    *Bucket list
    *Responsibility cards
    *"What Would you do?" photos
    *Leadership Bingo
    & more!

    Notes for Teachers:
    Teachers are provided with lesson materials, instructions, and a layout that is simple and easy to implement. mind+heart is a flexible SEL curriculum that can be taught when educators have time, while the recommendation is to teach a lesson once or more a week. The format works well during morning or classroom meetings.

    mind+heart loosely aligns with the CASEL framework of the 5 core competencies for SEL, as well as other state SEL initiatives, which are research-based. It provides educators with an affordable and accessible option that is comprehensive and appropriate for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade elementary classrooms.

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