Writing Idea Spinners - Writing Center Activities, Topics & Prompts
Writing Idea Spinners - Writing Center Activities, Topics & Prompts
Writing Idea Spinners - Writing Center Activities, Topics & Prompts
Writing Idea Spinners - Writing Center Activities, Topics & Prompts

Writing Idea Spinners - Writing Center Activities, Topics & Prompts

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Do you want to encourage students to write creatively and develop writing ideas? This bundle of themed writing activity spinners (picture and word prompts) is a great addition to a classroom writing center. Simply print and hang these writing spinners for kids to use when they need a writing idea!

⭐Engage kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students (even the reluctant ones) with fun writing ideas and prompts for multiple themes throughout the year (seasons, holidays, and generic topics).

⭐Encourage your students to be creative and think outside the box by offering a variety of meaningful themed writing idea that they can choose from all year long!

⭐ Use these fun writing idea spinners in your small groups, as independent story starters, for whole group writing activities, or as writing topics in a center.

Included in this Writing Spinner Writing Topic Resource:

  • 42 different topics for the year
  • 2 versions of each topic: a page with pictures and a page with a sentence prompt.
  • Themes for seasons, holidays, and generic topics to use all year long

Writing Idea Spinner Topics:

  • School
  • Transportation
  • All About Me & Feelings
  • Apples
  • Pumpkins
  • Halloween
  • Fall
  • Pumpkins
  • Fire Safety
  • Manners
  • Thanksgiving Foods
  • Thanksgiving
  • Family
  • Community helpers
  • Christmas
  • Celebrations around the World
  • Baking
  • Toys
  • Snowmen
  • Winter
  • Weather
  • Growth mindset
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Groundhog Day
  • Dental Health
  • Kindness
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Spring
  • Nutrition
  • Farm
  • Earth Day
  • Easter
  • Insects
  • Space
  • Picnic
  • Zoo
  • Fairy tales
  • Mother’s Day
  • Summer
  • Father’s Day
  • Camping
  • Beach

Suggestions on how to use:

✔️Print the writing spinners and hang them on a bulletin board or classroom writing center for students to use when needed.

✔️ Show students how to use a pencil and paperclip to spin to find a topic to write about.

✔️Switch and change throughout the month and year, providing students with various fun writing topics to write about all year.


⭐️ Grab More Writing Center Activities ⭐️

Love this set and want more? This resource is included in the Writing Center BUNDLE for the Year, and it is available at a DISCOUNTED PRICE. Get an entire year’s worth of themed writing centers (40+ included) to make your planning and organizing your writing center all year a breeze! ♥♥


Looking for more writing quick, effective activities and prompts? Check out our All-In-One Writing Center for K-2 that includes writing examples, “I Can” posters to keep kids on track, a huge variety of writing prompts, and more. Use the All-In-One Writing Center with the themed writing centers for a complete writing center for the entire school year!

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Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS):


w.k.1 - I can dictate, draw, and write my opinion

w.k.2 - I can dictate, draw, and write to explain

w.k.3 - I can dictate, draw, and write to tell a story

w.k.5 - I can add details to my writing

w.k.6 - I can publish my writing

w.k.7 - I can help my class research and write

First Grade

w.1.1 - I can write about what I think and tell why I think that

w.1.2 - I can write about a real topic including some facts

w.1.3 - I can write and use words that show order

w.1.5 - I can use suggestions to add details to my writing

w.1.6 - I can use technology to help me write a story

w.1.7 - I can write a book with my classmates

Second Grade

w.2.1 - I can write an opinion piece

w.2.2 - I can write an informative or explanatory text that focuses on a topic

w.2.3 - I can write a narrative and use temporal words to show an order of events

w.2.5 - I can revise and edit my writing with guidance and support

w.2.6 - I can use technology to publish my writing

w.2.7 - I can participate in shared research and writing projects

w.2.8 - I can recall information or gather information from sources to answer questions

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