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Alphabet Directed Drawing Bundle - 53 included with TONS of options
Alphabet Directed Drawing Bundle - 53 included with TONS of options
Alphabet Directed Drawing Bundle - 53 included with TONS of options
Alphabet Directed Drawing Bundle - 53 included with TONS of options - Proud to be Primary
Alphabet Directed Drawing Bundle - 53 included with TONS of options - Proud to be Primary

    Alphabet Directed Drawing Bundle - 53 included with TONS of options

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    Help kids learn to draw with the Alpha-Draw directed drawing resource. Teach and reinforce the letters of the alphabet and build drawing skills with two different directed draws for each letter. Tons of variations provided to build drawing confidence. Kids will love creating their own a mini-booklet, writing stories to go with their drawings, and practicing their printing with the included options.

    What Alpha-Draw is all about!
    ★A directed drawing resource for Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten, and primary aged children
    ★Fun, engaging choices to draw for each letter
    ★Perfect for beginning drawers and those wanting to sharpen their skills
    ★Drawing choices are things that young children should learn to draw early on
    ★Practice printing lower and uppercase letters on the print & draw pages
    ★Each directed drawing can be completed independently or as a whole class art lesson
    ★Encourage kids to color or paint their drawings after and add their own details

    Here’s What’s Included (see the PREVIEW for an up-close view and samples):
    ✔ 2 different directed drawings are included for each letter of the alphabet (list of drawings given below).
    ✔ 11 different single page options included (different ones in portrait and landscape)
    ✔ Half-page mini-booklet template included to make kids their own drawing books
    ✔ Extra pages for writing stories are included
    ✔ Clear instructions and visual examples for each type of variation included
    ✔ There are many different options available with 4-6 steps each
    ✔ 2 different portfolio covers included to create a larger sized booklet

    Why Teachers will LOVE it!
    ♥ Easily differentiate for all learners with the multitude of drawings and variations included!
    ♥ Give children a confident, head start with their drawing skills and help them learn early!
    ♥ Children will learn and practice their letters as they learn to draw = double whammy!
    ♥ Help kids build listening skills and practice in following directions
    ♥ Build printing, writing, and drawing skills

    2 Directed Drawings included for Each Letter of the Alphabet (53 in total):
    A: apple & airplane
    B: boat & bird
    C: cat & car
    D: duck & dog
    E: elephant & the earth
    F: fish & flower
    G: girl & gift
    H: house & hippo
    I: ice cream & insect
    J: jellyfish & juice
    K: kite & kid
    L: lion & llama
    M: mouse & monkey
    N: night & narwhal
    O: octopus & owl
    P: pig & pineapple
    Q: queen & quail
    R: rocket & rainbow
    S: school & sun
    T: turtle, truck, & tree
    U: umbrella & unicorn
    V: vase & volcano
    W: watermelon & worm
    X: x-ray fish & xylophone
    Y: yak & yo-yo
    Z: zebra & zipper

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