2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping) Second Grade Mindful Math
2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping) Second Grade Mindful Math
2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping) Second Grade Mindful Math
2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping) Second Grade Mindful Math
2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping) Second Grade Mindful Math

2-Digit Addition (with and without regrouping) Second Grade Mindful Math

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This 2-digit addition unit for 2nd Grade includes 10 lessons to teach the concepts and strategies related to adding two-digit numbers (review of basic addition strategies - mental math, adding ten more to any number, open number line addition, using base ten models to add, split strategy (expanded form), shortcut strategy (compensation), traditional algorithm, using a hundreds chart to add to 100, one and two-step addition word problems, and adding three or four 2-digit numbers).

It is a comprehensive, jam-packed, mind-focused math curriculum that provides teachers with EVERYTHING they need to teach 2nd Grade 2-digit addition with no need to supplement from other sources.

This unit is included in Mindful Math for 2nd Grade.Check out the Mindful MATH 2nd Grade Curriculum BUNDLE available at a HUGE discount NOW!


Check out the ENGAGING & MINDS-ON activities included in the 2-Digit Addition unit:
Task cards
"I Can" concept posters
Interactive math journal pages
Printable practice pages
Adding mats and cards
Matching activities
Scoot games
Book suggestions
Pre & post-tests for every lesson
Interactive games & centers
& much MORE!

See the PREVIEW for more details and pictures of this bundle!

Mindful MATH for 2nd Grade has what teachers LOVE!
♥ Easy to implement lesson and activities
♥ Detailed lesson plans
♥ ALL lesson materials provided
♥ "I CAN" concept posters to introduce topics
♥ A variety of activities for every lesson (math games and centers) to keep engagement high!
♥ Build math skills and develop fluency with math journals, task cards, mental math, and TONS of differentiated practice printables!
♥ 2 types of assessments - Quick Check review cards + Pre & Post Tests for every lesson

Teachers will create SUCCESS with all that is included with every unit of Mindful MATH!

Curriculum Map
A layout of the 10 units available in Mindful Math for 2nd Grade.

Lesson Overview
An explanation of the parts of a lesson plan and how they can be used.

Unit Overview
A list of the 10 lessons included and what curriculum standards they cover with the US Common Core, as well as B.C.'s and Ontario's curriculum.

Lesson Plans
Mindful MATH lesson plans provide teachers with a detailed plan to follow from start to finish. Instructions for whole group lessons, individual practice, and follow up activities are given. Also included is lesson goals, vocabulary, questions to ask, material list, and book suggestions to match concepts.

Lesson Materials
All the extra materials needed for teaching a lesson and student practice are provided. Math manipulatives and tools, such as words, ten frames, number lines, are included to support students and the lesson.

Chart pieces and "I Can" concept posters are provided to support lesson instruction.

Warm-Up Task Cards
Mindful Math task cards are short math warm-up activities that students can complete independently. There are a variety of tasks that build on skills previously taught in other lessons to build fluency.

Journal Prompts
Mindful Math Journal Prompts are perfect for a warm-up activity, for extra practice, or for homework. Each prompt reviews the skills and concepts taught in the previous lesson. They make a great review activity and help build math understanding.

Mental Math
Mindful Math mental math cards are perfect for building mental math skills and quick recall of important math concepts. Mental math cards are provided and suggested to use as a whole group as a warm-up activity.

Practice Printables
Every lesson in Mindful Math includes practice printable pages for students to complete independently following a lesson. The pages help build math skills and review important concepts. The pages range in difficulty to allow for differentiation.

Hands-On Activities (Math Centers and Games)
Each lesson includes math games, activities, and centers. The lesson plans and activity cards provide instructions on how to use.

Mindful Math Quick Checks are assessments that can be performed after math lessons and practice. Each Quick Check includes a short activity for individual or small groups to complete and show to the teacher. Pre & post-tests are also included for more formal assessments. It also includes a template to keep track of student scores.

Supplemental Materials (Answer Key & Book List, & Canadian pages)
Answer keys are provided to help teachers assess and check the practice printable pages, as well as the pre & post-test assessments. A suggested book list is provided with children’s literature to help teach math concepts. Extra pages are provided for Canadian teachers with Canadian spelling and content (coins and money, for example).

Lessons Included in 2-Digit Addition 2nd Grade:
1✭Fluently Add to 20 with Mental Math Strategies
2✭Mentally Add 10 to a Number
3✭Using Concrete Models and Drawings to Add 2-Digit Numbers
4✭Using the "Jump" Strategy to Add (Open Number Lines)
5✭Using the "Split" Strategy to Add (Break Apart/Expanded Form)
6✭Using the "Shortcut" Strategy to Add (Compensation/"Friendly" Numbers)
7✭Using the Hundreds Chart to Add
8✭Using the Traditional Algorithm to Add
9✭Solving 1 & 2 Step Word Problems
10✭Adding 3 & 4 Digit Numbers

Want to learn more about Mindful Math? Find a blog post about it HERE! See a breakdown of what is included, how to use, implement, and organize it and read the frequently asked questions.

The Mindful MATH curriculum incorporates focused math learning opportunities and many components within each unit. The activities are hands-on and mind-on, meaning students are actively working on math and engaging their minds. Mindful Math lessons encourage different ways of thinking and representing math concepts.

Mindful MATH includes a variety of thoughtful lessons and activities to help meet the needs of learners and their learning styles. Students will have many opportunities to learn and practice new strategies and develop math fluency through whole group warm-ups and lessons, mental math, journals, centers, games, and more.

Mindful MATH was created to give teachers a comprehensive math curriculum that engaged minds and left students knowledgeable and fluent in math concepts.

The curriculum aligns to the U.S. Common Core standards.

Mindful Math also aligns to the Canadian math curriculum in British Columbia and Ontario, as well as many other math curricula around the world (Curriculum standards are included and matched to lessons within the product). **EXTRA PAGES FOR CANADIAN CONTENT AND SPELLING ARE PROVIDED.**

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