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Chicken Non-Fiction ELA & Animal Science Unit - Proud to be Primary
Chicken Non-Fiction ELA & Animal Science Unit - Proud to be Primary
Chicken Non-Fiction ELA & Animal Science Unit - Proud to be Primary
Chicken Non-Fiction ELA & Animal Science Unit - Proud to be Primary

    Chicken Non-Fiction ELA & Animal Science Unit

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    This Chicken resource has 125 pages full of everything you need for your chicken and chick unit and classroom theme. This pack has everything you need to teach about chickens (lesson suggestions, printables, activities, anchor charts, headings for charts, templates, sorts, & much more!).

    This resource includes science, reading, and non-fiction writing activities to teach all about chickens. Chicken printables and materials, including a chicken's life cycle, labeled diagram, fact sheets, chicken vocabulary, observation journal, compare and contrast, can/have/are, and much more!

    You can get this unit in the Non-Fiction & Science for the Whole Year Bundle. This bundle has many units covering themes for the whole year.

    The materials & activities included in this unit:

    *Full Listing and links to the COMMON CORE STANDARDS covered in the unit

    *7 full-color FACT POSTERS with key information.

    *3-4 page FACT SHEETS providing the teacher and students with information on the appearance, habitat, life cycle, diet, interesting facts.


    *Tons of VOCABULARY CARDS (for every word bold in the fact sheets provided)

    *SORTING FACTS activity where students must cut and paste facts into the correct category (appearance, diet, etc.)

    *CAN, HAVE, ARE blank sheet & optional list of facts to sort under the correct headings

    *READ & RESPOND activity. Read the passage provided and answer questions and make connections based on the text.

    *FINDING INTERESTING FACTS sheet is provided. Have students read and record the main facts from the fact sheets.

    *ASKING QUESTIONS before, during, and after reading and learning. Blank template provided for students to record their questions.

    *Many LIFE CYCLE activities and posters provided!
    1) Anchor chart
    2) Posters & headings to make class anchor charts
    3) Mini book to write about the life cycle
    4) Story book to fill in and draw pictures
    5) Cut & paste labels around the life cycle


    *LABELED DIAGRAM activities & posters
    1) Anchor Charts
    2) Posters & Heading to make class anchor charts
    3) Cut & paste the labels/name the parts

    *COMPARE & CONTRAST with Venn Diagrams. Sort fact sheets are provided for students to place in the correct location. Comparisons between different subjects (chickens & frogs) and between parent and offspring (chickens & chicks).

    * RESEARCH TEMPLATE for students to record notes that they locate while reading the fact sheets or elsewhere. Organized into headings (diet, habitat, etc.)

    *REPORT BOOKLET & WRITING PAPER are provided as a follow up to the research project. Students can put their notes into paragraph form and make a non-fiction book.

    *OBSERVATION JOURNAL for in-class science activities

    Look at the PREVIEW for an overview of the activities and materials provided in this pack.

    The activities align to the Common Core standards for Reading Informational Texts and Writing and the Next Generation Science Standards for Grades 1 & 3.

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