Classroom Management Bundle: Jobs, Coupons, Transitions, Brain Breaks, Rules, & Schedule
Classroom Management Bundle: Jobs, Coupons, Transitions, Brain Breaks, Rules, & Schedule
Classroom Management Bundle: Jobs, Coupons, Transitions, Brain Breaks, Rules, & Schedule
Classroom Management Bundle: Jobs, Coupons, Transitions, Brain Breaks, Rules, & Schedule

Classroom Management Bundle: Jobs, Coupons, Transitions, Brain Breaks, Rules, & Schedule

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Manage your classroom with ease with this Classroom Management bundle of 8 tools to engage students and build classroom community. Create a daily visual schedule and classroom job chart, set classroom rules and expectations, and include fun early finisher activities, brain breaks, and reward coupons into your routine!

⭐️Plus, your classroom decor is done for you with matching clipart and many printing and editable options!

⭐️These resources can be used in your classroom management system to teach responsibility and independence while supporting your student's daily needs.

❤️The best part? This bundle is 40% off and saves you time, as all the tools are easy to set up. It includes everything you need to support your classroom management! Easily create bulletin boards, visual displays, and print-and-go tools to make managing your classroom a breeze!

This Classroom Management bundle includes 8 resources:

  • Classroom Job System
  • Transition Tools – line up chants, door hangers, callbacks
  • Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - 2 Group Games ("Act It Out" & "Stand Up, Sit Down", Exercises, & Transitions
  • Schedule Cards, Clocks, & Checklists
  • Classroom Reward Coupons
  • Awards - Hats, Tags, Certificates & Bracelet
  • Rules & Expectations posters, sort, and writing templates
  • Early Finisher Activities & Cards

Check out the preview for a closer look at what this Bundle provides: cards, activities, templates, posters, tools, and more!

⭐️Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions

Class Brain Breaks pack includes 80 brain breaks and activities (games, centers, dances, songs, and more) cards, plus two games, posters, and more.

They are perfect for before and after transitions and whenever a long stretch of inactivity or work occurs. Each activity is quick and easy to do!

⭐️Reward Coupons & Group Incentives

Coupon Rewards include 70 different classroom reward coupons (62 individual and 8 groups), posters, and tear-off coupon sheets in color and black and white, as well as cursive and non-cursive fonts for you to use as part of your classroom management. They make a great positive reinforcement strategy and are also a great way to save money without purchasing rewards.

⭐️Classroom Daily Schedule - EDITABLE Visual Schedule Cards & Student Checklist

This classroom Schedule resource includes 60 editable classroom schedule cards, editable student checklists, posters, and more to customize your schedule setup (clocks, checkmarks). This resource will help you organize and allow those visual students to track the day's activities.

⭐️Classroom Transitions - Callbacks, Attention Getters, Door Hangers & Line Up Chants

Class Transition includes 24 "Where are we?" classroom door hangers, 10 line-up chants, and 46 attention-getter callbacks, plus posters. These are fun and easy tools to implement into your classroom management system to help kids transition from one activity to another.

⭐️Classroom Job Chart & System - Student Jobs & Class Roles

Classroom Jobs includes 50 editable job cards, job checklists and explanations posters, student cards and number cards, job applications, writing prompts, and more to decorate your job board. This job system will help you build responsibility with your students.

⭐️Classroom Rule Posters, Expectations & Procedures

This resource includes 44 editable rule and expectation cards (2 sizes, in color and black & white), yes & no choices sorting activity, writing templates, storybook, classroom procedure explanation posters, and more. Customize your rules and wording to suit your class needs.

⭐️Student Certificate Awards, Hats & Reward Tags

This resource includes 58 editable awards (certificates, tags, bracelets, and hats) that can be given to students daily or at any time of the year, plus award bracelets and posters.

⭐️Early Finishers Activities, Cards & Worksheets

Classroom Fast Finishers includes 50 editable fast or early finisher activity cards and activity templates for easy implementation and quick, fun ideas to keep students focused and learning.

✏️ Creative Ways to Use This Classroom Management Bundle

  • Combine job assignments, coupons, and transitions to create a seamless reward system where students earn coupons for completing jobs and smooth transitions.
  • Use brain break cards to organize themed days (e.g., Movement Monday, Thoughtful Thursday).
  • Rotate jobs regularly using the job cards, ensuring every student can take on different responsibilities and learn new skills.
  • Establish fun and predictable transition rituals using the transition cards.
  • Pair rules from the bundle with the coupons and job system to reinforce expected behaviors.
  • Hold a weekly awards ceremony where students receive certificates and hats for their achievements.
  • Allow students to use the schedule cards to plan parts of the day.
  • Create an interactive classroom rules display where students can earn points or stickers for following the rules.

❤️Why You Need this Classroom Management Bundle:

  • This ONE classroom management bundle has all the tools you will need to enforce positive behaviors and a routine in your classroom.
  • The editable pages allow you to customize the tools to fit your classroom management style and your room's needs.
  • The tools can be used throughout the year to keep things consistent.
  • It saves you time as the planning is done for you and each tool can be implemented quickly.
  • Make classroom management FUN with a variety of activities.
  • Keep kids engaged and help them build independence and respect.
  • You will have ALL the materials you need to manage your classroom in positive ways!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Liz H. says, "This set literally has everything you need for a classroom. One of the best sets I've bought. I like the different options for printing-from size to colour/black and white.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jennifer S. says, "Such a great resource for classroom management! Very engaging, and our students love earning these coupons! Thank you!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Erika K. says, "This is such a complete package of what you need to plan a classroom! I love the bright colors and clip art used for eye catching visuals for kindergarteners."

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There are so many amazing parts to this bundle! I have loved incorporating these into my classroom. Being able to edit and add in my own classroom jobs and parts to the daily schedule has been a game changer. -Courtney P.