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December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade
December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade
December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade
December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade
December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade
December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade
December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade

    December Math Spiral Review Worksheets 2nd Grade

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    Second Grade Math Mats - Spiral math review for December. This printable and digital resource (Google Slides) includes 20 different 2nd Grade math spiral review mats for winter. These math worksheets are perfect for December morning work, math journals, and math centers and extra practice over the holidays and Christmas. Each Math Mat has 4 different spiral math skills and standards on it for students to practice and review.

    This resource is comprehensive and provides spiral math practice for the month of December.

    This Second Grade math morning work includes questions and activities on

    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Word problems
    • 2D & 3D geometry and shapes
    • Measurement
    • Time
    • Numbers to 1000
    • Place Value
    • Fractions
    • Graphing
    • Money
    • Skip Counting
    • … and more!

    The math spiral review activities align to the Common Core standards for second grade. This is perfect for 2nd grade, but could also be used as review or extra practice in 3rd grade or as a challenge in 1st grade.

    Three 2nd Grade Math Spiral Review Resources in one:

    1. PDF - Open the PDF file and print! This file is NOT interactive or digital.
    2. GOOGLE SLIDES - You will receive every mat digitally enhanced in Google Slides with interactive components (preformatted text boxes, moveable pieces).
    3. POWERPOINT – The Google Slides version has been downloaded and is included as an interactive PPT file.

    This 2nd grade math morning work includes:

    ● Place value

    ● Addition word problems

    ● Subtraction word problems

    ● Fact fluency facts to 20

    ● 2D Geometry - draw, identify, and describe shapes and attributes

    ● 3D Geometry - identify, describe, and match shapes with real life objects

    ● Measuring length in standard and metric units.

    ● Comparing lengths and finding the difference using customary and metric units.

    ● Reading and writing time to the hour, half hour and 5 minutes. Using AM and PM when telling time.

    ● Months of the year

    ● Numbers to 1,000 – Reading and writing numbers to 1,000 using standard form, word form and expanded form

    ● Greater and less than

    ● 10 more/10 less and 100 more/100 less

    ● Ordering and comparing two- and three-digit numbers

    ● Odd/Even

    ● Arrays and repeated addition sentences

    ● Skip Counting by 2's, 5's, & 10's - counting groups and using the skip counting patterns

    ● Graphing - adding data onto graphs and answering questions

    ● Money - identify and count coins (provided in Canadian on additional pages)

    ● Identifying equal parts and fractions

    ● Adding and subtracting up three-digit numbers with and without regrouping

    ● Adding up to four three-digit numbers

    Additional pages are provided for Canadian users. Additional pages include Canadian spelling and Canadian money.

    4 ways to use Math Mats in your classroom!

    ✅ Print on card stock & laminate. Use with whiteboard markers during your math centers!

    ✅ Photocopy with the booklet cover and staple into a booklet. Have your students complete 1 mat a day for morning work or for extra practice during math workshop!

    ✅ Shrink the pages and have your students use the mats in their Interactive Math Notebooks!

    ✅ Photocopy and place into a math folder to practice each day.

    Check out a detailed blog post about Math Mats HERE!

    Look at the PREVIEW for a breakdown of what a Math Mat looks like and how it can be used.

    Upon purchase, you will be able to instantly download a ZIP file for each month that includes a printable PDF, Google Slides link, and interactive PPT file.

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