Math Workshop Rotation Board & Organization Kit - Guided Math - Math Stations
Math Workshop Rotation Board & Organization Kit - Guided Math - Math Stations
Math Workshop Rotation Board & Organization Kit - Guided Math - Math Stations
Math Workshop Rotation Board & Organization Kit - Guided Math - Math Stations

Math Workshop Rotation Board & Organization Kit - Guided Math - Math Stations

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Want students to go through math rotations in the classroom with ease? This editable math workshop resource includes everything you need to get your math block and rotations organized! There are multiple options for you to create a math board with math center cards, bulletin board posters and banners, grouping options, and more. Use the M.A.T.H. acronym or create your own design.

With this resource, you can set up your math workshop in several different ways, allowing you to meet the needs of the students in your classroom during your math time. Provide students with a visual so they're able to work independently during your math rotation time. See the preview for an up-close look!

The best part? This resource saves you time as it comes with everything you'd need to not only set up your rotations but also labels to have everything ready to go for your students during your math time.

This Math Rotations Resource Includes:
  • Multiple header cards, posters, and banner options to create a custom display: "Math Rotations," "Math Workshop," "Math Magic," "Math Time," and "Math Stations."
  • Multiple rotation options: days of the week, rounds, rotations.
  • Multiple grouping options: colors and numbers.
  • 20 editable activity or math center cards to easily switch out
  • Activity instructions cards with step-by-step instructions
  • Different sized materials and black & white options for different displays
  • Number labels for bins or drawers
  • Editable planning sheets for easy organization

What you get in this no-prep, versatile resource:
  1. PDF - Just open the PDF file and print!
  2. EDITABLE POWERPOINT - Use the editable Powerpoint file to customize the center cards according to the activities you use in your classroom.
  3. EDITABLE PLANNING PAGES PDF - Use the editable PDF to plan for your groups and print your edited files with ease.

**Check out the PREVIEW for a thorough look at the activities included on each page!**

How to use the Math Workshop items in your classroom:
  • Students rotate through each part of the rotation in an order determined by you (displayed on a bulletin board).
  • Take time at the beginning of the school year to build the confidence and skills students need in each area of the math workshop. They will also need to become familiar with where to find the materials needed and learn the expectations during this time.
  • Once students are comfortable with each part of the workshop, set them up in groups and assign them a group number or color group. Decide also how many groups you will have and if you will have math workshops in rotations, rounds, or days of the week. You can use clothespins with student names and clip them onto the grouping cards for easy changes or write on the provided posters.
  • Once groups have learned the rotation schedule, they are ready to proceed through the math workshop.
  • Use the EDITABLE planning sheets to write down what each group will be completing in each part of the math workshop rotation.

The meaning of the MATH acronym:

M – Math Warm-Up
For Math Warm-Up, students complete quick activities or math problems in their math journals, complete math minutes or math fact practice, or complete a math question of the day or other activity you have posted for them.

M (variation) - Meet with Teacher
For Meet the Teacher, students join the teacher in a small group. The teacher either teaches a lesson, reviews a skill, provides support to complete work, or another activity.

A – At Your Seat
For At Your Seat, students complete a math assignment in their math workbook or whichever math program or worksheets you assign.

T – Teacher Time
For Teacher Time, students meet with the teacher in small groups or as a larger grade group to work on a skill for that day.

T (variation) – Tech Time
For Tech Time, students complete a math activity using technology (e.g.; on a tablet, Google Classroom; SMARTboard).

H – Hands-On
For Hands-On, students complete a math game or a math center. You can place your materials for these games and centers in numbered drawers or bins and instruct students to complete one of the activities.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cara Lynne R. says, "This is a wonderful resource for helping me organize my math centers and my students. It is a perfect visual for them to see where they need to go next. Thank you!" 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amanda H. says, "This is an adorable chart! I get compliments on it when I get observed by teachers and administration! It's easy for my students to follow!" 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dianne W. says, "This is an amazing product. The organization helped me and the children so much. I have struggled with Math Workshop and this was the piece that I needed. The children have responded well to it."

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