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Mindfulness & Self-Management DIGITAL Grades 3-5 Google & PowerPoint Activities
Mindfulness & Self-Management DIGITAL Grades 3-5 Google & PowerPoint Activities
Mindfulness & Self-Management DIGITAL Grades 3-5 Google & PowerPoint Activities
Mindfulness & Self-Management DIGITAL Grades 3-5 Google & PowerPoint Activities

    Mindfulness & Self-Management DIGITAL Grades 3-5 Google & PowerPoint Activities

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    This DIGITAL self-management & mindfulness SEL curriculum for 3-5 includes 5 detailed lessons filled with digital, interactive activities that teach older kids ways to self-regulate, mindfulness, stress management, self & impulse control, and personal safety.

    Kids will have opportunities to learn, practice, and develop social-emotional skills through a variety of engaging lessons and digital activities.

    The program provides teachers and parents with lesson plans, instructions, videos, and activities to support social-emotional learning in digital format. Lessons are one-on-one, small group, or large group compatible.

    The DIGITAL self-management unit has been formatted and modified to be taught digitally in conjunction with the printable version or independent of it. The lessons and activities have been adapted to be used online in digital teaching platforms (Google Slides and PowerPoint) and on devices.

    What does this DIGITAL Self-Management & Mindfulness Unit cover?

    Lesson 1: Self-Regulation & Calming Strategies

    ★Kids will learn to recognize their own personal cues and triggers for certain emotions. Kids will learn to identify and use self-regulation and calming strategies when necessary.

    Lesson 2: Handling Stress

    ★Kids will learn what stress is, the positive and negative types of stress, and its impact. Kids will learn ways to manage stress and create and implement a plan to handle stress.

    Lesson 3: Mindfulness

    ★Kids will learn about mindfulness and different ways they can be mindful. Kids will practice and learn to use mindfulness strategies daily.

    Lesson 4: Self & Impulse Control

    ★Kids will learn what impulses are and identify why it’s important to have self-control. Kids will strive to control their own impulses and have self-control daily.

    Lesson 5: Personal Safety

    ★Kids will understand what personal safety means and identify ways to keep oneself safe. Kids will learn to identify and use a safety network.

    Activities included in the Self-Management unit:

    Look at the PREVIEW and VIDEO for a look at this SEL unit up close and the variety of lessons and activities included!

    • Thought Starters & Challenges
    • Digital anchor charts
    • Related Book List of Read Aloud Videos
    • Self-Regulation check-in chart
    • Online calming activities
    • Scenario task card activities
    • Reflection journal
    • Lesson posters
    • Card & Board games
    • Video read aloud & responses
    • Brainstorming activities
    • Positive mantras
    • Breathing strategies
    • Yoga activities
    • & more!

    How to Use DIGITAL SEL:

    • Kids can complete assignments digitally after a classroom, small group, or one-on-one lesson
    • Beneficial for one-to-one classrooms
    • It can be used to further an individual's independent practice of social-emotional skills: in the classroom, in a homeschool setting, or in counseling sessions.
    • It is recommended but not necessary to use mind+heart digital in conjunction with the original (PRINTABLE version) mind+heart SEL 3-5 curriculum to enhance learning.

    Comes with READY-FOR-YOU Google Slides & Interactive PowerPoint Lessons:

    • Comes with instructions for Google Classroom with Google Slides - You will receive a file with links to create copies of the Google Slides to use in your Google Classroom.
    • You will also receive interactive PowerPoint files that can be added to your preferred online platform and used as you see fit.
    • Assign the activities using your online classroom account and use it with Chromebooks, computers, iPads, tablets, phones, or interactive whiteboards.

    It can be used with other similar platforms to support 1:1 classrooms in delivering a meaningful social-emotional learning program.

    Benefits of Using DIGITAL Social-Emotional Resources:

    • Kids learn to use different digital methods and devices
    • Gain practice and skills working and interacting online
    • Provides 1:1 classrooms with meaningful digital activities
    • Supports school counselors and provides materials for sessions
    • Provides families with additional tools to support older kids at home
    • Works well in a homeschool setting
    • Supports remote and distance learning

    mind+heart digital aligns with the CASEL framework of the 5 core competencies for SEL. It provides educators with an affordable and accessible option that is structured and highly effective in 3-5 classrooms.

    ♥♥Teach the digital version of this unit with the printable version of the Self-Awareness unit. Buy them together in a money-saving bundle (option available in cart).♥♥

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