Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions
Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions
Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions
Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions
Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions
Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions
Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions

Brain Breaks & Movement Activity Cards - Group Games, Exercises, & Transitions

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Get students up and moving throughout the day with these Editable Classroom Brain Break Printable Cards, Activities, and Games. Give them a break between transitions or after working with a fun brain break to move their body or an exciting group game. This resource is a great way to use movement in your classroom management system.

⭐️Perfect for quick energy boosts and smooth transitions, these fun exercises and group games keep students focused and engaged. Say goodbye to restless energy and hello to a more productive, enjoyable learning environment!

⭐️The best part? This resource saves you time as the brain breaks are ready to just print and go! Use them to create a bulletin board, hang them on a ring, or attach them to popsicle sticks, and you’re ready to implement them as new way to get your students up and out of their seats.

What you get in this EDITABLE Brain Breaks resource:

  • 80 individual brain breaks (in color and black & white)
  • 2 group brain break games ("Act It Out" and "Stand Up, Sit Down")
  • Editable brain breaks
  • Small card for each brain break to add to popsicle sticks
  • Bulletin board letters for setting up your brain break area
  • Various poster & header options

Take a look at the 80 EDITABLE Brain Breaks Included:

  1. Dance Party
  2. Sing a Song
  3. Tell a Joke
  4. Draw It
  5. Draw Time
  6. Tub of Toys
  7. Listening Game
  8. I Spy Game
  9. Run a Race
  10. Order Up
  11. Building Activity
  12. Garbage Duty
  13. Hop Scotch
  14. Tech Break
  15. Card Game
  16. Pattern Blocks
  17. Musical Break
  18. Hula Hoop
  19. Jump Rope
  20. Share Sunshine
  21. Stretch it Out
  22. Snack Break

23. Telephone Game

24. Exercise Video

25. Read Aloud

26. Puddle Jump

27. Find a Friend

28. Beach Ball Pass

29. Celebrate Today

30. Group Game

31. Bounce Off

32. Balance Break

33. Deep Breathing

34. Jumping Jacks

35. Hide & Go Seek

36. Body Twist

37. Tic Tac Toe

38. Board Game

39. Rocket Launch

40. Crawling Baby

41. Count Together

42. Be a Clown

43. Frog Hops

44. Dragon Puff

45. Push Ups

46. Guide Me

47. Windmill Arms

48. Roll it

49. Relay Race

50. Speed Hero

51. Weight Lifter

52. Monkey Around

53. Toe Touches

54. Crossing the Midline

55. YMCA Dance

56. Head & Shoulders

57. Follow the Leader

58. Limb Rotation

59. Knee Shuffle

60. Crouch Down

61. Stretch Up

62. Simon Says

63. Body Shapes

64. Heads Up 7 Up

65. Macerena Dance

66. Clap Together

67. Chicken Dance

68. Go Bananas

69. Jump Around

70. Spin in Circles

71. Pat It Out

72. Kick Up High

73. Plank Pose

74. Down Dog

75. Namaste Meditate

76. Tree Pose

77. Boat Pose

78. Twist Pose

79. Standing Pose

80. Yoga Pose

Check out the preview for a closer look at what this resource provides: cards, games, and posters!

✏️ Creative Ways to Use These Class Brain Breaks Activity Cards

  • Use brain break cards to provide quick, fun activities that help students refocus and re-energize during transitions between lessons.
  • Start the day with a brain break activity to get students' bodies and minds moving, setting a positive tone for the day.
  • On rainy or cold days, use brain break cards as a fun and active alternative to outdoor recess.
  • Select brain break cards with calming activities for students who need a quiet moment to reset and self-regulate during the day.
  • Incorporate brain break activities into team-building exercises to strengthen classroom community and collaboration.

❤️Why You Need this Resource:

  • This brain break resource has everything you need to get your students moving throughout the day.
  • These brain break cards are a great classroom management tool when it comes to giving your students a break.
  • This resource gives you everything you’d need to offer your students a fun way to move their bodies and regain focus.
  • The brain breaks require minimal prep and can be printed and used immediately.
  • There are fun options to use brain breaks individually or as a group game!
  • There are small-sized cards that work great attached to popsicle sticks and placed in a jar for easy access.
  • Use the included posters & headers to set up a special brain break area.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Andrea M. says, "Works really great for individual break cards on a lanyard. Printed on cardstock and had students decorate their own cards. Was easy to make doubles and laminate for future uses!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Danielle M. says, "I put these in my mystery movement bucket and whenever we are taking a brain break I have a student come pick one out! They love it!! There's so many different options and the kids love to see which one they will get : )"


⭐️ Grab the bundle & SAVE ⭐️

♥♥The classroom management BUNDLE is available at a DISCOUNTED PRICE. Get an entire year’s worth of classroom management resources to make your yearly planning a breeze! ♥♥ 

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These are PERFECT for quick movement breaks. I printed them on Astrobright paper, laminated, and put them on a binder ring for quick access. My students love them! -Collette F.

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