Classroom Rules Cards
Classroom Rules Cards
Classroom Rules Cards
Classroom Rules Cards


Get your students familiar with the classroom expectations using these editable classroom rules.  Your students can learn to discuss with you and their classmates what is expected of them in their classroom and throughout their school day. Easily display these classroom rules for your students to see and follow all year long.

This resource is a great way to continuously enforce positive expectations  in your classroom management system. The included cards and activities allow your students to quickly identify what is expected of them, and be able to follow the rules throughout the day.

The best part? This resource saves you time as all the rule cards and activities are ready to just print and go! Create a space in your classroom for your classroom rules so your students can quickly refer to them and help to maintain the expectations of the classroom.   

What you get in this *newly updated* set of classroom rules fresource:

  • 44 EDITABLE rule & expectation cards (2 sizes, in color and black & white)
  • Yes & No Choices sorting activity
  • Writing templates
  • “We Follow the Rules” storybook
  • Rule explanation posters
  • Bulletin board letters Various poster & header options


**Check out the PREVIEW for a thorough look into what this expectation resource includes!**

Why You Need this Classroom Transition Resource:

⭐ This class rules resource has everything you’d need to teach and display the expectations of your classroom with your students.

⭐ This classroom rule resource is filled with classroom management tools to help you set expectations and teach what is expected in your classroom.

⭐ The rule cards and expectation materials require minimal prep and can be printed and used immediately.

⭐ Use the sorting activity to teach students yes and no choices.

⭐ There are options to provide your students with a storybook they can read to review classroom rules.

⭐ The expectation EDITABLE posters explain the rules you have set in place making it clear for students to follow.

⭐ Use the included posters & headers to set up a special class rules area.


Take a look at the 44  EDITABLE Rule Cards Included:

  1. Cheer Up a Friend
  2. Control Your Body
  3. Use a Calm Down Strategy
  4. Motivate Yourself
  5. Listen When Someone is Speaking
  6. Follow Directions Quickly and Quietly
  7. Walk Don’t Run!
  8. Raise Your Hand to Speak or Stand
  9. Respect Yourself
  10. Respect Others
  11. Respect Your School
  12. Be Safe Be Honest
  13. Keep Your Teachers Happy
  14. Make Smart Choices
  15. Do Your Best
  16. Be Kind to Others
  17. Use Kind Words
  18. Keep Your Hands to Yourself
  19. Use Good Manners
  20. Be Polite
  21. Share
  22. Work Quietly
  23. Help Clean Up
  24. Listen Carefully
  25. Work & Play Safely
  26. Keep Mouth Quiet
  27. Do Your Job
  28. Take Turns
  29. Line Up Nicely
  30. Stay On Task
  31. Be a Good Friend
  32. Be Responsible
  33. Think
  34. Cooperate
  35. Eyes on the Speaker
  36. Throw Away Trash
  37. Wash Your Hands
  38. Sit Criss Cross
  39. Walk Quietly & Carefully
  40. Keep Calm
  41. Be a Good Sport
  42. Help Others
  43. Show Respect
  44. Play Nicely


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Katie says, "Such an awesome resource!!! Awesome b/w and color options!! I love the mini cards included as well. Rules are clear, concise, and positive! A must have!!!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kristin A. says, "We made these into magnet strips for our classroom. I love being able to use the quick words and pictures to prompt my kiddos as to what rules they are following well and which ones we need to work on.”


⭐️ Grab the bundle & SAVE ⭐️

♥♥The classroom management BUNDLE is available at a DISCOUNTED PRICE. Get an entire year’s worth of classroom management resources to make your yearly planning a breeze! ♥♥



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