Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board
Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board
Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board
Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board
Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board
Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board
Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board

Student & Class Reward Coupons EDITABLE - Classroom Management Bulletin Board

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Give your students the rewards and incentives they want with these Editable Classroom Reward Coupons. Ditch the treasure box and save money by incorporating these easy-to-use, versatile, printable individual and group reward coupons into your class and behavior management routine.

⭐️This resource is a great way to use positive reinforcement in your classroom management system. It allows your students to pick and choose which rewards they would like individually or work together to earn as a group in the classroom.

⭐️The best part? This resource saves you time as the coupons are ready just to print and go! Store them in your favorite drawer organizer or tackle box, and you’re ready to implement them as your new form of positive reinforcement.

What you get in this EDITABLE Reward Coupons resource:

  • 62 coupons to use as individual rewards
  • 8 coupons to use as group rewards
  • Bulletin board letters, posters, & header options for setting up your reward area.
  • NO-PREP Tear off coupons to hang on the wall
  • Both regular print and cursive options, as well as color and black & white pages
  • Full coupon sheets and mixed coupon sheets
  • ALL coupons are available in an EDITABLE PowerPoint! You can change the titles and descriptions of each reward to match the needs of your students and your classroom.

Take a look at the 70 EDITABLE Classroom Coupons Included:

  • drink pass
  • weather reporter
  • extra books
  • pet helper
  • sweet treat
  • wear shades
  • special supplies
  • wear a costume
  • cuddly friend
  • tell a joke
  • sit with a friend
  • extra recess
  • work on the floor
  • computer time
  • extra tech time
  • teacher helper
  • share a book
  • teacher helper
  • line leader
  • lunch with a friend
  • snack time
  • seat switch
  • super surprise
  • play outside
  • choose a book
  • gym coach
  • wear a hat
  • lose the shoes
  • show and tell
  • share a talent
  • no homework
  • special spot
  • class electrician
  • lunch helper
  • class leader
  • special reward
  • carpet helper
  • recess with the teacher
  • extra play
  • eat outside
  • wear slippers
  • tablet time
  • dance party
  • class photos
  • create and build
  • library time
  • game time
  • yoga time
  • ride pass
  • special seat
  • pick the read aloud
  • write with a special pen
  • special pencil
  • lunch with the teacher
  • skip the odds
  • share something special
  • decorate the board
  • pick the class activity
  • switch your job
  • first for the day
  • VIP for the day
  • choose the tunes

Check out the preview for a closer look at what this resource provides: cards, templates, posters, and more!

✏️Creative Ways to Use These Reward Coupons:

  • Collect all earned coupons throughout the week and hold a raffle on Fridays. Winners can choose from a variety of special prizes or privileges.
  • Set up a "Coupon Store" where students can trade in their coupons for different rewards or classroom supplies, teaching them about saving and choice.
  • Incorporate coupons into a class-wide "Behavior Bingo" game, where filling a row or column with earned coupons results in a group reward like a movie day or extra recess.
  • Create a goal tracking chart where students can attach their coupons, visually seeing their progress and working towards a class-wide celebration when the chart is filled.

PLEASE NOTE: If using the suggested storage, please print the coupons first to make sure the sizing is correct. Sometimes, you will need to adjust sizing for coupons to fit correctly.

❤️Why You Need this Resource:

  • This reward coupon resource has everything you need to offer fun and exciting rewards to your students.
  • These reward coupons are a great classroom management tool!
  • This resource gives you a wide variety of student reward options.
  • The coupons require minimal prep – print & go!
  • Individual or group rewards included!
  • Tear-off coupons are included for a fun alternative.
  • Use the included posters & headers to set up a special reward area.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tales from Primary says, "Are your kids tired of your treasure box? Are you tired of your kids spending hours picking over stuff in your treasure box? This is for you! When I say this has transformed my reward system, I am not lying. My kids LOVE all of the coupons. I stuck a list of all the coupons on the board with the dollar amounts. My kids pick out a coupon and pay me for it. It also includes so many things I never thought about offering! The tell a joke pass is by far my most popular. It has even brought out some of my super shy kiddos. And...I love how much they come out of their shell with these passes. I would recommend this a million times over."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Emily H. says, "This was a perfect way celebrate students and their hard work! I revamped my individual rewards recently because I could tell what I was doing wasn't making as big of an impact. Not only do they have a ton of reward coupons already created, but there are editable ones as well! I loved how I could include the students in this and ask them what kinds of rewards they would want and then create the coupons based on what they suggested. They were so motivated to work since they could earn one of the rewards they suggested! I also love that you used free fonts so I was able to make the editable ones match the uneditable coupons. Thanks so much!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nora D. says, "We were all a little tired of the treasure box, including the treasure box! I implemented this super fast towards the end of the year when our class desperately needed motivation! It worked like a charm! It was new, exciting and I did not need to spend any more money on prizes! It even earned a spot on our Top 10 favorite things about Kindergarten!"

⭐️ Grab the bundle & SAVE ⭐️

♥♥The classroom management BUNDLE is available at a DISCOUNTED PRICE. Get an entire year’s worth of classroom management resources to make your yearly planning a breeze! ♥♥ 

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These coupons were perfect for what I was looking for! I edited them for my needs and they are working wonderfully as rewards in my classroom. Super cute graphics and fonts! Thank you!